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Sask Piping Industry

On-Line Viega Courses - WAIT LIST

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On-Line Viega Courses - WAIT LIST

Time & Location

Location, Date and Time is TBD

Sask Piping Industry, 334 Robin Way, Saskatoon, SK S7L 6X4, Canada

About the event

* PIPE TRADES MATH VIEGA - Members now have access to the Bluevolt on-line training system. To access this, you must email me that you want to be signed up and then you will then be signed up through Viega. They will send the members a confirmation email plus a link to access Blue Volt on-line training.

* HYDRONIC PIPING AND CONTROLS VIEGA - This course is intended to introduce the Apprentice and Journeyperson to the basic components and operation of a hydronic heating system.

* SCIENCE 101 - This course covers the basic trade science which covers the basics of liquids, solids, and gas properties, as well as exploring motion, force, and thermal expansion.

* HYDRONICS 101 - This on-line course goes through the fundamentals of Hot Water Heating Systems. There is theory, flow diagrams and a series of questions that the learner can access on-line.

* RADIANT DESIGN - This on-line course will cover the following modules related to Radiant Heating. Module 1 - History of Radiant , Module 2 - Heat Transfer, Module 3 - Heat loss (Panels) , Module 4 - Heat Loss (Infiltration), Module 5 - Heat Loss (Slab) , Module 6 - Heat Loss (Sample) ,Module 7 - Advantages of Radiant , Module 8 - Radiant Panel Options, Module 9 - Tubing Layout Options , Module 10 - BTU Outputs, Module 12 - Pressure Drop.

* MAKING PRO-PRESS, MEGA PRESS, PRO-PRESS XL-C, VIEGA PRESS JOINTING CONNECTIONS - A series of short video clips that illustrate proper jointing methods for the joint connections shown.

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